Our focus

Climate technology continues its exciting evolution as the race to decarbonize the industrial society intensifies to address climate change.

Issues that were hitherto considered in silos are increasingly crossing verticals and intersecting to create societal benefits. Take the fast-changing worlds of energy and transportation – so distinct till recently – yet now finding common ground in electrification and digitalization. And as we steadily progress towards an autonomous future,  telecom’s role will expand to create an interconnected trifecta of energy, transport and telecom industries.

Ability to maneuver in this fast-changing environment requires a deep understanding not only of the myriad opportunities emerging for innovators, but also of new and, at times, complex challenges being posed to policymakers and regulators.

How we transform our clients' growth vision into reality

Working with a very select group of high-potential companies allows for a concentrated effort on making each company’s mission a success. Intensity of focus allows us to channel deep industry knowledge with a hands-on advisory style, engaging strategically with teams.  Our intent is to use technology to effectively drive policy goals that center on beneficial electrification.

Entering new markets

Be it geographies or industry sectors, we help adapt and refine go-to-market strategies and proactively guide implementation.  Our specific expertise is in eMobility infrastructure, grid integration and dynamic electricity pricing.

Partnerships & business opportunities

Mapping opportunities with potential targets to drive direct business results via technical and/or business partnerships. Identifying and accessing public funding channels to demonstrate new technologies.

Advancing markets

Engaging with policymakers, regulatory and industry stakeholders, we shape policy frameworks to advance clean technology and transport positions and initiatives that promote decarbonization of industry sectors.

Network & financing

Making connections proactively, globally, to further specific business goals, including any fund-raising needs.

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